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What are builders profiles used for?

What are builder’s profiles used for?

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Builders profile Builder’s profiles are used as an aid to building walls. Fixed to a three course (3 layers of bricks) wall base, a string line can be pulled between two profiles on two corners.
Building a brick wall As long as the profile has been set up correctly, the wall can be built quickly and easily. Using the string line, the builder can be sure that the wall will be level, square and plumb.
Intermediate and Internal corner profiles Builders’ profiles can also be used to build up corners of walls from the inside. Intermediate profiles also allow the wall to be built up from the centre.
Builders profile Some builders’ profiles require 3 courses of the wall to already have been built so that it can be secured to them before use. However, profiles are now available that can aid building a wall from the start. These profiles are nailed into the foundations and have stay bars attached to keep them secure.
Wooden tool used as profile Many DIYers make their own form of builder’s profile from wood and string, as shop-bought builder’s profiles are mainly used by professional bricklayers.

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