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What sizes of spoon bit are available?

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Image showing the normal minimum and maximum widths of a spoon bit Spoon bits are commonly available in widths between 9.5 and 22mm (⅜ and ⅞”).
Image of a selection of spoon bits of various sizes, illustrating that they increase in width by 2mm each time Bits size up progressively in 2mm (1/16“) increments.
Image showing the length of a spoon bit They are normally around 115-125mm (4½-5″) long.
Image showing how to measure the width of a tapered spoon bit

Measuring tapered spoon bits

Tapered spoon bits are measured at their widest point, near to the shank.

Image showing that the maximum width of a tapered spoon bit is 30mm They can be a little larger than parallel bits, reaching sizes of up to 30mm (13/16“).