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What is a spoon bit used for?

What is a spoon bit used for?

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A windsor chair under construction, with holes for spokes drilled using a spoon bit Spoon bits are most often used in the chair-making industry, to bore holes for supporting struts and chair legs.
DIYer reaming a hole with a tapered spoon bit to create the perfect tapered mortise in which to fit a tapered tenon They can also be used for widening holes that have been drilled by other bits.
Image of a tapered tenon being inserted into a tapered mortise Tapered spoon bits are often used to create tapered mortise and tenon joints.

For more information, see: How to make a tapered mortise and tenon joint with a tapered spoon bit?

Image of a wooden pipe with the bowl labelled. The bowl is the part of the pipe that is hollowed out with a spoon bit Parallel spoon bits, on the other hand, are suitable for hollowing out small wooden bowls, such as the bowl at the end of a pipe.

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