What is a spoon bit?

  Image of a spoon bit which is a drill bit designed to bore through wood  

A spoon bit is a drill bit designed to bore through wood.

  Image showing a cross section of a spoon bit  

Its name reflects its concave shape. Sharp edges along the curved tip of the bit and its sides shave material out of a bore hole, which then falls into the ‘spoon’ part of the tool.

  A wooden pipe that has been hollowed out using a spoon bit  

Spoon bits are particularly popular in the chair-making and pipe-making industries, where there is a need to drill partial holes with rounded bottoms.

  Image to represent Vikings, one of the earliest civilisations to use spoon bits  

Spoon bits have been in use for hundreds of years, and have been discovered as part of both Roman and Viking finds.

  Image of a Forstner bit, a more modern counterpart of the spoon bit  

Their use in modern woodworking is fairly limited, as more recently invented types of drill bit, such as Forstner bits, are often more efficient.