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How are spoon bits manufactured?

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Image to show a spoon bit being forged Spoon bits are relatively rare bits, and tend to be forged by hand rather than mass produced.
Image showing the tip of a spoon bit The spoon section of the bit is moulded in a die to create the characteristic spoon shape. As these bits are forged from steel rods, there is no need to change the main part of the shank. Only the tip of the shank needs to be a different shape to allow the tool to fit into either a hand brace or a drill press or lathe.
Image showing that a slip stone is used to sharpen the inside edges on a spoon bit The edges are then carefully ground to an inward bevel with a slip stone to create a sharp edge around the outside of the spoon section..
Example of a fine grit slip stone which is used to sharpen the cutting edges of a spoon bit A slip stone is a sharpening stone that has a rough surface. Slip stones can come with different grit numbers: in this case, a fine stone, which has a high grit number, is used.