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What are the different types of spoon bit?

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Image showing the two types of spoon bit - the parallel spoon bit and the tapered spoon bit There are two different types of spoon bit. Both are easily identifiable, as they are named after their shape.

Parallel spoon bit

Image of a parallel spoon bit to contrast with a tapered spoon bit The parallel spoon bit has straight sides, and is shaped like an elongated spoon.
Round-bottomed holes that have been drilled into a wooden workpiece using a spoon bit Its straight sides and curved tip make it ideal for drilling partial holes in timber, as the tip leaves an aesthetically pleasing rounded bottom to the holes it bores.

Tapered spoon bit

Image of a tapered spoon bit to contrast with a parallel spoon bit Named for its tapered sides, which narrow from the top of the spoon section down towards a pointed tip, this type of bit is still classed as a spoon bit because of its hollow inside.
Image of a tapered spoon bit making an angled cut in a piece of material Its narrow tip suits it to boring holes at an angle even better than a parallel spoon bit, and it is ideal for drilling tapered holes for forming tight wooden joints.

For more information, see: How to make a tapered mortise and tenon joint with a tapered spoon bit?