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What are the parts of a spoon bit?

What are the parts of a spoon bit?

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Labelled diagram of the parts of a spoon bit showing the body, tip and shank


Image of a spoon bit which is a drill bit designed to bore through wood The functional part of a spoon bit is concave, like an exaggerated version of a household spoon.
A spoon bit with the cutting edge labelled This is where the cutting edges of the bit are located. As they shave off slivers of wood, they are channelled into the hollow section of the bit and eventually pushed out of the bore hole.


The tip of a spoon bit which is used to create a circular depression in a workpiece that will keep a spoon bit on course The cutting edges of the spoon bit extend down to its tip, which has a rounded shape to allow it to leave a round bottom to the bore hole.
A DIYer seating their spoon bit in a wooden workpiece to make an angled bore hole The tip is used to give the spoon bit a foothold in the workpiece by creating a small depression known as a dish.

For more information on this process, see: How to use a spoon bit?


Image of an expansive bit with a square shank Spoon bits often have square-shaped shanks as this is the ideal shape to fit into a hand brace – the flat sides give the chuck on the brace a better grip than a rounded shank would provide. However, these shanks will also fit lathes and drill presses.

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