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Which radiator valve keys are best for confined spaces?

 Which radiator valve keys are best for confined spaces?

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Ratchet radiator valve key A ratchet radiator key is useful where space is restricted. It can be set to clockwise (for screwing in radiator valve tails) or to anti-clockwise (for removing tails).

It is ‘stepped’, which means that it has fittings for different sizes, from small to large, stepped along the length of the key.

A ratchet key can also be used on various plugs and tank connectors.

In a restricted space where only part-turns are possible, the tail is secured or released with quick clockwise and anti-clockwise movements, with no need to reposition the key.
Universal radiator key with adjustable handle Radiator valve tail keys with adjustable handles, like this universal key, are also useful in confined spaces. The handle moves from side to side through a hole in the middle of the tool.
The handle is slid from side to side to avoid contact with walls or other obstructions. This speeds up the operation, as the key does not have to be removed and repositioned after part-turns.

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