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How to use a radiator tail socket?

 How to use a radiator tail socket

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Radiator tail socket A tail socket fits into the chuck – the adjustable lock – of a mains-powered or cordless drill.
External hex nut of radiator valve tail The sockets fit the integral external hexagonal nuts of 1/2 inch BSP radiator valves.

The bigger union nut, on the right of the tail shown here, and its olive – a brass ring that compresses to form a watertight seal when the union nut is tightened later – is removed before the tail is driven in with the socket driver.

The olive and union nut are replaced afterwards for coupling the valve to the tail with an adjustable spanner.

Power drill with socket The tail socket performs all the same operations as other valve keys for the removal and tightening of valve tails, but without manual turning. It can considerably speed up the job of fitting and removing valve tails.
Ratchet spanner The socket can also be used with a ratchet spanner that has a 10mm hexagonal socket.

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