What is a radiator valve spanner?

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  Radiator valve spanner  

A radiator valve spanner helps avoid bending pipework when the union nut of a manual, thermostatic or lockshield radiator valve valve is undone or tightened.


It is also known as a radiator valve wrench and a radiator valve lever.


Valve spanners can be made of plastic, like the one here, or zinc-coated steel. 

  Parts of a radiator spanner or lever  

The parts of a radiator valve spanner are:


  • Jaw for larger radiator valves

  • Jaw for smaller radiator valves

  • Handle

  Union nut of thermostatic radiator valve  

The union nut is the one on the horizontal connection to this radiator.

  Removing radiator valve with spanner  

The end of the radiator spanner that fits your valve is placed on the metal valve body. Some leverage is applied to ensure the valve is held firmly – hence the alternative name, radiator valve lever.

  Adjustable spanner  

An adjustable spanner can then be used to release the union while the radiator spanner holds the valve firmly in place.

  Radiator valve spanner  

Trying to remove the valve without supporting it in this way can bend the vertical pipe that feeds into the bottom of the valve.


If a pipe is kinked badly, it will have to be replaced, meaning lots of unnecessary additional work.