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What is a combination radiator wrench or key?

 What is a combination radiator wrench or key?

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   Parts of a combination wrench-key
Combination radiator wrench-key The parts of a combination wrench/key are:

  • Handle
  • Open-ended spanner
  • Hexagonal profile for fixing or removing valve tails
  • Square profile for fixing or removing bleed plugs and blanking plugs
  • A hole to give clearance to bleed screws when fitting/removing bleed plugs
This is another type of multi-purpose key for working on radiator valve tails, bleed plugs (but not bleed screws) and blanking plugs. It fits the integral external nuts on some 1/2 inch radiator valve tails…
…the 1/2 inch square sections of some bleed plugs (as seen here) and some blanking plugs…
…and the internal hexagons of 1/2 inch valve tails.
Combination radiator wrench-key This type of wrench is usually made of hardened steel for strentgh and durability.
Using combination wrench-key For step-by-step guides to some of the things you can do with this key, see: How to bleed a radiator?

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