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What is a radiator tail socket driver?

What is a radiator tail socket driver?

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Parts of a radiator tail valve socket driver

Socket for fast removal of radiator tails The parts of the socket tail driver are:

  • Fitting to go into the chuck of an electric/cordless drill or ratchet spanner with 10mm hexagonal socket
  • Shaft
  • Socket that fits onto the the integral external hexagonal nut of some valve tails
Socket trail driver fitted to drill This socket-type radiator tail driver which fits into a cordless or mains-powered drill can save lots of time.
Radiator tail valve with built-in nut Many valve tails have integral external nuts moulded or built into them, as shown here. The tail driver is for standard 1/2 inch radiator tails with external hexagonal nuts. The alternative is to use an open-ended spanner of the right size, or an adjustable spanner.
Radiator tail socket - where it goes The valve tail is installed first, using the driver, before the valve is attached to the tail.
Radiator tail driver - close-up of socket Tail drivers are normally made from hardened steel or chromium-vanadium steel – a very hard and durable alloy.

See How to bleed a radiator? for details of how this driver works.

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