What are thermostatic and manual radiator valves?

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Thermostatic radiator valves

 Thermostatic radiator valve 

Thermostatic radiator valves, known as TRVs, cut off the flow of water to a radiator automatically when a set maximum temperature has been reached.

 Thermostatic radiator valve 

They turn the flow of water back on again when the radiator begins to cool.

 Thermostatic radiator valves 

They are available in many sizes and configurations - straight, vertical angle and horizontal angle - to suit various situations.

 Thermostatic valve dial 

The temperature is set on a dial on the thermostat.

 Thermostatic valves can save money on heating bills 

The automatic switching off of individual radiators can save money on your heating bills.


Manual radiator valves

 Turning manual valve by hand 

A manual radiator valve has to be turned on and off by hand.

 Manual radiator valve 

Most central heating systems have at least one radiator fitted with a manual valve.


This is to ensure there is still somewhere for the hot water to flow to and from if all the thermostatic valves are off at the same time.

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