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What push pin sizes are available?

What push pin sizes are available?

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Push pins are available in different lengths, weights and diameters and include the following:

Push pin length

Length of a vintage push pin The length of a vintage push pin is around 178mm (7 inches).
A modern length of push pin without a ferrule or a barrel The difference in the length of push pins is partly accounted for by the fact that modern push pins don’t have a ferrule and some don’t have a barrel too.So, a modern push pin is usually around 152mm (6 inches) in length.
Length of nail driver The variation in length of a push pin is mainly due to the different length of the pins that are used.For example, you would use a nail driver, which is between 165mm (6 1/2 inches) long and 203mm (8 inches) long,  with pins of between 15.87mm (5/8 inches) and 38mm (1 1/2 inches) in length.
Length of V-nailer You would use a V-nailer, which is 152mm (6 inches) in length, with v-nails of 7mm (0.27 inches) or 10mm (0.39 inches) long.
Length of pin pusher You would use a pin pusher, which is 152mm (6 inches) long, with pins of 7mm (0.27 inches), 10mm (0.39 inches) and 12mm (0.47 inches) long.

Push pin weight

Weight of a push pin Wooden-handled push pins usually weigh around 100g (3.52 ounces).A wooden-handled push pin has a solid, but not heavy, feel.
Weight of plastic handled push pin Plastic-handled push pins usually weigh around 50g (1.76 ounces).The plastic-handled push pin is light to hold. However, it may feel too lightweight for confident use.

Push pin diameter

Diameter of push pins Push pins can be 2mm (0.07 inches), 3mm (0.11 inches) or 4mm (0.15 inches) in diameter, and both magnetised and non-magnetised push pins will hold a pin of up to the diameter head size of that pin.To get the best use out of your push pin, make sure that the pin head diameter is smaller or the same size as the diameter of the push pin.  Examples of which pins to use with which push pin are given below.
Push pins of 2mm and 3mm diameters

What diameter of pin should you use with a push pin?

Model boat pins, veneer pins and the finer railway track pins can be used with a 2mm (0.77 inches) diameter push pin.

Heavier railway track pins of 3mm in size (0.11 inches), would need a 3mm (0.11 inches) diameter push pin.

The maximum push pin diameter is 4mm (0.15 inches); pins with a head diameter of between 3mm (0.11 inches) and 4mm (0.15 inches) would be suitable for use with this push pin.
Pin pusher for use on model boats and railways The pin pusher holds pins with a maximum diameter of 1.5mm (0.05 inches), for working on models where small, narrow pins are used.

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