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What are the different types of push pin?

What are the different types of push pin?

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There are a few different types of push pin, as well as the standard push pin:

Nail drivers

A nail driver is a type of push pin A nail driver is also known as a brad push (especially in the USA). It works especially well when pushing nails into cove moulding, which is a trim for the interior ceiling of a domestic property. It has a magnetised push head.
Striking a brad with the striking button a brad pusher The nail driver has a wooden handle with a steel striking button at one end for gently tapping the pin into place. It also has a magnetic tip.


Recess in the barrel of a V-nailer for a brad A V-nailer can be used to push in brads (pins), due to a small recess on the barrel which holds one brad at a time.
V-nail push pin in use on a picture frame A V-nailer is also used for assembling picture frames and is a handy tool for people who make only the occasional picture frame, as it is very easy to use.
A V-nailer in use pushing a pin into a wooden picture frame The V-nailer installs v-nails for joining corners of picture frames. (See: How to choose the right push pin for details).

Pin pushers

A pin pusher A pin pusher is a non-magnetised type of push pin that is slimline, with a plastic handle and body and a steel plunger. It is held like a pen.
Pin pusher in use on a model ship The pin pusher is designed for fine work in restricted spaces, such as model ship building.

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