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How to use a push pin?

How to use a push pin

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Holding a push pin ready for use

Step 1 – Hold push pin

Once you have chosen and positioned your material, usually a piece of hardboard or plywood, take hold of your push pin by the handle with your dominant hand.

A panel pin about to be place head first into the barrel of a push pin

Step 2 – Drop panel pin into barrel

Drop a pin head first into the hollow barrel or plunger of the push pin.

A panel pin held at the end of the barrel of a push pin by a magnet If the push pin is magnetised, the pin should be held in place securely. If your push pin is non-magnetised, you will need to hold the pin at its tip as you position it against the work surface.
Pushing a panel pin into a piece of wood

Step 3 – Push pin into place

Place the tip of the push pin against the wood and push the handle down firmly and steadily so that the pin is pushed into the wood.

A panel pin has been pushed into a piece of wood by a push pin

Step 4 – Withdraw push pin

Relax the pressure on the handle of the push pin so that the compressed spring is released and the plunger can be withdrawn.

The first panel pin is now in place, and the push pin is ready to be loaded with another pin.

Tack hammer finishing off a tack that has been placed by a push pin

Step 5 – Tap panel pin using tack hammer

Finally, use a small hammer such as a tack hammer to tap the pins all the way into the wood.

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