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How does a push pin work?

How does a push pin work?

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Push pin and panel pins A push pin is used to firmly but gently push panel pins into plywood or hardboard. Panel pins are so fine that striking them with a regular hammer could damage either them, the material or the other hand of the user!
Push pin placed against material Once the push pin is loaded with a panel pin, you hold the tool in your dominant hand and place the end that’s holding the pin against the material (usually a piece of plywood or hardboard).
WD Magnet Some push pins have a magnetised tip which holds the pin while you place it. Push pins that have brass parts have an internal magnet which holds the pins.

Not all push pins are magnetised, however, so you may need to hold the pin with one hand as you hold the push pin with the other hand.

Pushing a in a pin on a wooden frame using a push pin By exerting pressure on the handle of the tool, the pin is pushed into the surface of the material. (See: How to use a push pin).
Using a plastic handled push pin to push panel pins into place Pins can be pushed in straight every time as long as the push pin is held in a straight position against the material by the user. Using a push pin is easy and comfortable. It makes no mess and no noise.

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