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What is a push pin used for?

What is a push pin used for?

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A push pin is used to carry out a variety of small-scale assembly and repair tasks, such as the following:

Picture frames

Using a push pin to make a frame Push pins can be used for assembling picture frames.

Model railways

Model railway track and pin pusher They can also be used for laying model railway tracks.

Model boats

Push pin being used on a model boat Push pins are used for the making of model boats.


Veneer pins in a cabinet with their heads removed after placing with a push pin They are also used for fine carpentry work such as cabinet-making.

Window frames

Using a push pin on a window frame Push pins can be used to repair window frames.


A beehive that has partly been assembled using a push pin Or when assembling frames for a beehive.

Car upholstery 

The upholstery of an older car can be repaired using a push pin Push pins are also used to repair car upholstery on older cars where the original material is suitable for repair by hand.

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