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What is a push pin?

What is a push pin?

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A push pin A push pin is a woodworking hand tool for pushing different types of pins (small nails) part of the way into hardboard and plywood.For information on the different types of push pin available, see: What are the different types of push pin?
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A brad pusher in use on a frame Push pins are also known as a rampins, pin setting tools, and pin pushers.In the USA they are most commonly called brad pushers, after the brads (small nails) that are used with them.
To use a push pin you will need one of the following:
Panel pin for use with a push pin

Panel pin

Panel pins are short, thin nails that can be used with, for example, picture frames.

Veneer pins for use with a push pin

Veneer pin

Veneer pins are usually shorter than panel pins, have a very small head and are used to attach a separate veneer to furniture.

Brad pin for use with a push pin

Brad pin

Brad pins are very similar to panel pins and are more common in the USA. They can be used with picture frames too.

Track pins for use with a push pin

Track pin

Track pins are used with model railways.

Ship modelling pins for use with a push pin

Ship modelling pin

Ship modelling pins are used on model boats.

For more information about the different pins, see: What do you need to use a push pin?

Tack hammer finishing off for a push pin The push pin isn’t designed to force the panel pins all the way into a surface, so they will need a couple of taps with a small hammer such as a tack hammer to complete the task.

What are the most common materials a push pin can be used with?

Hardboard sheets for use with a push pin


Hardboard is stiff board made of compressed and treated wood pulp and often used for picture frames.

Plywood sheets for use with push pin


Plywood is a manufactured wood panel made from thin sheets of wood veneer which are glued together. It is often used in model making.

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