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What is an Aligning Bar?

What is an aligning bar?

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pry bar, aligning bar, Aligning bars, sometimes called ‘sleeve bars’, are designed to align bolt holes and other mating holes in construction and engineering, and can also perform some light levering and lifting tasks.

This type of bar features a chisel edge at one end, and a pencil point tip at the other, similar to those of a digging bar or large crowbar. The shaft is hexagonal, both for ease of grip and for economy of production.

Wonkee Donkee says: Steel stock usually comes in round or hexagonal bars - so making a bar with a round or hexagonal shaft is far easier!
human brain, laptop, Aligning bars come in one size of 600mm (24in) long and weigh in at 1.28kg (2lb 13oz), making them joint longest and second heaviest of the pry bars (the extendable pry bar being the heaviest).

For comparison, the aligning bar weighs exactly as much as a human brain … or, if you haven’t managed to get your hands on one of those, as much as a lightweight laptop computer.

What are aligning bars made of?

alloy steel, steel, types of steel, metal, Like most bars, aligning bars are made of drop forged alloy steel. During production, the steel is hardened and tempered for added strength and elasticity, ensuring that it will bend rather than snap under excessive force.

What are aligning bars coated with?

spray coating, black spray coating, coating black, black spray paint, Aligning bars are available powder coated in black paint, or polished all over for a ‘chrome’ finish. These finishes are designed purely for aesthetic purposes, but it is worth noting that the ‘chrome’ version will be slightly more expensive, due to the greater cost of polishing the full length of the bar to a shine.

What are aligning bars used for?

aligning bolt holes, Aligning bars are designed specifically to align bolt holes and other mating holes in construction and engineering; this is done by prying the holes into alignment.
levering, leverage, lever object, lift object, using lever, crowbar lever, They can also be used to lever and lift objects into position.
threaded bolt hole, bolt hole, bolt holes, hole for bolt, bolt,

What are bolt holes?

Bolt holes are holes designed for bolts to fit into. A bolt is a kind of fastener used to fasten two or more objects together. In construction and engineering, this is likely to include bolting sheet metal to an object’s surface, connecting beams, or assembling machinery. Objects are fastened together by screwing one bolt into two ‘mating’ holes.

threaded bolt hole, bolt hole threaded, bolt hole, Bolt holes may be threaded (pictured) or unthreaded.
Wonkee Donkee says: ‘Thread’ is a helix shaped structure of ridges inside a hole or on the outside of a screw or bolt, and is used to lock fastener and hole together.
misaligned bolt holes, unaligned bolt hole, bolt hole, bolt hole out of alignment,

Why do you need to align bolt holes?

During construction or assembly, bolt holes will not always line up naturally. If bolt holes are not properly aligned during installation, bolts may be fastened at an angle, loosening the connection between ‘mating’ objects. This can result in wobbling, rocking, and other signs of structural instability.

aligning holes, aligning bolt holes, how to align bolt holes, An aligning bar can be used to correct the alignment of misaligned bolt holes before fastening with a bolt, ensuring a tight fit and sound construction.

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