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Are there any alternatives to Pry Bars?

Are there any alternatives to pry bars?

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Prying and nail pulling

labelled claw hammer, claw, head, face, handle

Claw hammers

Claw hammers, aside from claw bars, are the tools most used for pulling nails.

Like the claw of a pry bar, the claw of a claw hammer features a nail slot into which the nail is positioned so that the claw can engage the head. The head of the hammer is then rocked back toward the face and the nail pulled free of the hole.

For nail pulling, a claw hammer is nearly equally as suitable as a pry bar. The key difference is in the pry bar’s ability to be used in conjunction with a hammer, whereas the claw hammer lacks a heel for striking, and can of course only be struck with a hammer if you happen to own two!
broken claw, claw hammer, broken claw hammer, damaged tool, broken metal tool A claw hammer cannot be used for heavier duty prying such as lifting floorboards, as its claw is too thick to penetrate between boards, and the steel it is made from is quite brittle.

Whereas pry bars are forged, most claw hammer heads are cast, meaning that they will snap rather than bend under high strain.

money, cash, change, small amount of money, loose change, Hammers of this kind weigh between 190-850g (6.7-30oz), depending on their size, and are usually slightly less expensive than pry bars due to their incorporation of a cheaper wooden handle, as opposed to the all-steel construction of a bar.

Some more expensive claw hammers are constructed from one piece of steel, or have steel handles as opposed to wood.

claw hammer pulling nail, pulling nail, nail pulling, how to pull nails Claw hammers are a worthwhile alternative if you will only be performing light or occasional nail pulling, but should not be viewed as a substitute for a pry bar of good quality.

(See: Hammers for more information.)

chisel, all-purpose chisel For light levering and prying (floorboards, moulding, plastic hubcaps, etc):

A chisel

screwdriver, a screwdriver A screwdriver
pliers, a pair of pliers

For nail pulling:

A pair of pliers


drift punch, punch, drift pin,

Drift punch (also called: Drift pin, alignment punch, bull pin)

An alternative to the aligning bar, this tool is not actually a punch, but is designed for aligning holes for bolts and rivets.

drift punch, labeled punch, punch, Drift punches are usually sheathed in ergonomic handles (handles which are comfortable, shock absorbent and easy to hold), but might also be manufactured in one piece. The working area of the tool is comprised of a hardened shank and head.
using drift punch, drift punch, This tool is used in the same way as an aligning bar; the tip of the shank is inserted into the misaligned holes, and gentle force applied to lever them into alignment.
drift punch set, set of drift punches, punch set, set of punches, Drift punches are usually sold in sets. The set pictured weighs 900g (1lb 15oz) and the drift punches included feature shanks from 140-230mm (5.5-9in) long, and 2-10mm (0.07-0.4in) round.
size matters, The main difference between the drift punch and aligning bar is the range of sizes available. While drift punches come in a wide range of lengths and diameters, the aligning bar is available in only one size (600mm). This means that you will have more choices of size if you decide to buy a drift punch; but even the largest drift punch is significantly shorter than the aligning bar.

The shorter length of a drift punch will give you more control over the tool, enabling you to align bolt and rivet holes with greater care and precision, and is suitable for use in much smaller spaces than the aligning bar.

using drift punch, how to use drift punch, Additionally, the set diameter of each shank in a set makes it easier to match the correct tool to the correct bolt hole. Again, this will enable you to align bolt and rivet holes with greater precision than the aligning bar.
construction workers, construction site, sunset, While longer and heavier than a drift punch, the aligning bar is the better choice for heavy aligning duties, such as aligning bolt and rivet holes during construction and engineering, where the objects to be located are larger or heavier.

Because the aligning bar is far longer than the drift punch, the amount of leverage available to the user is much greater.

cost, expensive, too expensive, If cost is a concern, it should be noted that a set of drift punches will be considerably more expensive to purchase than an aligning bar.

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