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How to extend the shaft of an adjustable pry bar?

How to extend the shaft of an adjustable pry bar?

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How the shaft is extended may vary depending on the make and model of your adjustable pry bar. One method is shown below:
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Step 1 – Press button

Similarly to the adjustable claw, the extendable shaft is controlled using a push button which activates and deactivates a locking mechanism to hold the shaft in place. Push down on the button to release the locking mechanism.

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Step 2 – Extend shaft

You can now extend the shaft in increments of approximately 11.6mm (0.45in), up to a maximum length of 915mm (36in).

groovy, pry bar shaft, grooves in shaft, pry bar, extendable pry bar,


Each increment is marked by a groove which the locking mechanism fits into. Make sure that the length you adjust the shaft to corresponds with a groove – the mechanism needs to be able to engage a groove to lock the shaft at the desired length.

pry bar shaft, pry bar, extendable pry bar,

Step 3 – Lock shaft position

When the desired length is reached, release the button to reactivate the locking mechanism.

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