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What is an Adjustable Pry Bar?

What is an adjustable pry bar?

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labeled pry bar, adjustable pry bar, pry bar, adjustable pry bar, A modern design, the adjustable pry bar features a claw that can be adjusted up to 180°, and locked at the preferred angle. Some models incorporate an extendable shaft, allowing the user to increase or decrease the length of the bar by 315mm (12.5in).
nail pulling, adjustable crowbar, adjustable wrecking bar This type of bar has a round shaft, for ease of use and economy of production, and features a handle rather than a second claw or tip; some handles are ridged for extra grip.
pry bar, adjustable pry bar, The claw is curved to reduce the risk of damaging the surfaces of objects during levering and prying. Due to the lack of a nail slot or nail puller, however, it cannot be used to remove nails.
adjustable crowbar, adjustable pry bar, pry bar, pry bar angle, angles, The adjustable claw makes this bar very versatile for a range of light levering and prying applications; because you’ll have the option of adjusting to a straight or bent claw, there is no need for a second claw.
multiple head angles, pry bar angles, pry bar claw angles, Claws adjusted to acute angles can be used to lift and pry objects in confined spaces, and to increase the angle of leverage where required.
acute angle, pry bar claw, adjustable pry bar, Claws adjusted to obtuse angles can be used for gentler prying applications where less force is required, or to lift and move objects only a short distance.
 Wonkee Donkee says: An acute angle is anything smaller than 90°, and an obtuse angle is anything larger than 90°, but less than 180°!
extending pry bar, extendable pry bar, pry bar, adjustable pry bar, An extendable shaft allows the user to increase and decrease the length of the bar. As a longer shaft offers greater leverage, extending the shaft will make levering and prying actions much easier (see: A note on leverage and length). Retracting the shaft will offer the user greater control over the bar; ideal for precision use.
extendable shaft, shaft extendable, Adjustable claw bars with non-extendable shafts are available in lengths of 250-380mm (10-15in), while extendable models are available in lengths of 600mm (23.5in), plus 315mm (12.5in) available extension.
extendable pry bar, pry bar, extendable shaft, Bars with non-extendable shafts can weigh from 370-580g (13oz-1.3lb). The extendable model weighs 2.05kg (4lb 8oz).
pry bar, pry bar weight, pry bars, For comparison, this means that the lightest adjustable claw bar weighs the same as a standard computer mouse …
milk, lemonade, … while the largest weighs roughly the same as four pints of milk and a can of lemonade …
chicken, whole chicken, packaged chicken, … and the extendable model weighs the same as a packaged whole chicken.

What are adjustable pry bars made of?

elements, chrome vanadium, chrome, Adjustable pry bars are forged from chrome vanadium steel, a type of steel alloy which incorporates carbon, manganese, phosphorous, sulphur, silicon, chromium, and vanadium. This may also be referred to as ‘chromium-vanadium steel’.

hardening steel, steel, hardened steel, The presence of chromium and vanadium in the alloy makes the steel more hardenable – this means that it can be hardened (made tougher) to a greater degree than some other steels.
rust resistance, rust prevention, corrosion resistance, no rust here, Chromium also has the benefit of helping to resist abrasion, oxidation, and corrosion, while the addition of carbon (found in the majority of steel alloys) improves elasticity.
bending metal, steel, elasticity, Improved elasticity counters the brittleness that can come from hardening steel, and means that the tool is more likely to bend than snap under excessive force – this is much safer for the user.

What are adjustable pry bars coated with?

phosphate, phosphate coating, coating metal, The adjustable pry bars shown here are coated with a phosphate coating for corrosion resistance.

This is a type of crystalline conversion coating which can be formed on ferrous metals like alloy steels, and is applied prior to any other coating or painting.

phosphate coating, phosphate, spray coating, spray coating metal, metal finishes, tool finishes, Crystalline conversion coating uses a solution which reacts naturally with the surface of a metal object. In this case, a mixture of phosphoric acid and phosphate salts is applied to the surface of a tool via spraying or immersion in a bath, forming a crystalline layer of phosphates which cannot be dissolved or washed away.
porous, porous meaning, porous material, A phosphate coating alone is porous and will not prevent rust or corrosion unless sealed with an oil or other sealant after application. If a tool is marketed as corrosion resistant and has a phosphate coating, another sealant must have been applied to the surface of the tool.

What is an adjustable pry bar used for?

Adjustable pry bars can be used for a range of prying, levering, and lifting applications such as:
door lifting, door and board lifting, lift door, how to lift a door, Door and board lifting
opening crates, crates, crates shipping, opening crate, Opening crates
prying objects apart, prying objects, pry bar, Prying tightly fastened objects loose
lift paving, how to lift paving slabs, lifting paving slabs, Lifting paving slabs
lifting flooring, lifting floorboards, lift floorboards, lift flooring, how to lift floorboards, how to lift flooring, Lifting floorboards

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