What is a pry bar?

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As the name suggests, pry bars are designed primarily for prying, but can also be used for the same tasks as most other bars, including lifting, levering, and nail pulling. 


Informally, pry bars may be called jemmys ('jemmy' being a colloquial name for a crow), jimmy bars, or goosenecks. In the United States, they are frequently called 'cat's paws'. 


What are the different types of pry bar?


There are four main types of pry bar available. These are:

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The standard pry bar

 adjustable pry bar, pry bar, adjustable pry bar claw, pry bars, adjustable crowbars, crowbar claw, cat's paw, 

The adjustable pry bar

 construction pry bar, estwing pry bar, estwing construction bar, estwing prybar, crowbar, construction bar 

The construction pry bar

 stanley pry bar, pry bar, stanley bar, stanley crowbar, pry bar, claw bar 

The precision pry bar

 roughneck crowbar, roughneck tools, pry bar, roughneck pry bar, aligning bar, sleeve bar 

The aligning bar


Detailed information on each of these types is available in the pages that follow.

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