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What is a Construction Pry Bar?

What is a construction pry bar?

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construction pry bar, pry bar, prybar, pry, construction pry, crowbar, The construction pry bar is designed for strength, and features an I-beam shaft for added toughness and durability.

An I-beam shaft allows the bar some of the benefit of a thick, flat shaft, while lessening the weight and production cost, making this bar both easier to use and more affordable than a bar with a flat shaft might be. The result is an incredibly strong bar, which will be able to handle most tasks it is put to.

striking face for hammer, nail pulling, pull nails, The 90° angle of the bent claw is ideal for heavier duty nail pulling, lifting and prying, particularly at tight angles, and provides a larger angle of leverage than the straight claw.

The flat heel provides a striking face, useful for hammering the claw of the bar into tight spaces, and for driving the nail slot forward to engage stubborn or sunken nails.

thin claw, claw bar, thin bar claw, The straight claw is best suited to lighter nail pulling, lifting and prying tasks, and has a low (very thin) profile for ease of penetration into tight spaces, without the need to be forced using a hammer.
archimedes, law of the lever, leverage, length leverage, leverage and length, simple machines, archimedes simple machines, The construction pry bar comes in one size: 460mm (18in), longer than the largest standard pry bar. The increased length means that greater leverage can be achieved with less effort on the user’s part, making it easier to lift heavy objects or pry tightly fastened objects apart.
weight comparison, construction pry bar, L-bar, Though the design of this bar looks very similar to that of the ‘L-bar’ (see: Demolition bars), it weighs in at only 620g (1lb 6oz), 90g (approx 3oz) lighter than the 710g (1lb 9oz) L-bar.
weight comparison, lemonade, pint of water, water, For comparison: while the L-bar weighs as much as two full cans of lemonade, the construction pry bar weighs as much as one pint of water.

What are construction pry bars made of?

steel alloy, alloy steel, steel, steel bars, metal bars, steel, Like most bars, the construction pry bar is forged from steel alloy, which is then hardened and tempered for added toughness and safety, and powder coated for aesthetic and visibility.

What are construction pry bars used for?

The construction pry bar is suitable for a range of heavy duty prying tasks including, but not limited to:
open crate, crate, opening crate, wood crate, Opening tightly sealed crates and other containers
ripping up flooring, removing flooring, lifting flooring, lift flooring,  Ripping up flooring
rusted bolt, bolt, rust, rusty bolt, old bolt, sunken bolt, Removing difficult nails and bolts
prying, prying action, pry apart, Prying apart tightly fastened objects
levering heavy objects, Lifting and positioning heavy objects such as doors and wooden beams

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