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What is a standard Pry Bar?

What is a standard pry bar?

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standard pry bar, red crowbar, labeled pry bar, labeled crowbar, crowbar, pry bar, The standard pry bar uses the oldest and simplest design for a pry bar – featuring one bent claw in the traditional ‘cat’s paw’ shape, a round shaft and a pointed tip.
standard pry bar in use, using pry bar, pry bar, crowbar, The bent claw provides an inbuilt fulcrum during levering and lifting, but is not suitable for prying in tight areas; the edge of the claw is thick and blunt. This means that there is less risk of damage to the workpiece during levering, lifting and prying applications.
cat's paw, cat's paw bar, crowbar, red crowbar, pry bar, red pry bar, Because of the thicker, blunt claw, this bar is colloquially known as the ‘cat’s paw’ in some parts of the world.
no nail pulling, no sign, nail pulling, forbidden sign, ban sign, As the claw lacks a nail slot or nail puller, this bar is not suitable for pulling nails.
noodles, dried noodles, Standard pry bars are available in lengths of 150-400mm (6-16in), and weigh from 85-520g (3oz-1lb 2oz). For comparison, that means the smallest standard pry bar available weighs about the same as one single-serving pack of dried noodles …
batteries, battery, milk … while the largest weighs roughly the same as a pint of milk and two AA batteries.
archimedes law of the lever, archimedes, law of the lever, leverage, The heavier the object you will be lifting, the longer the pry bar you should choose – but bear in mind your own strength and ability, and be prepared to ask a friend to assist you if necessary. (See: A note on leverage and length)

What are pry bars made of?

forged alloy steel, alloy steel, steel,


Standard pry bars are usually manufactured from forged alloy steel, a tough material which is capable of being heat treated and tempered during manufacture.

powder coating, powder coated, powder coated steel, coating steel, They are then powder coated to resist rusting. Powder coatings are available in red or black; this is purely an aesthetic choice.

Standard pry bar uses

The standard form of pry bar is suitable for:
levering, Light prying, levering and lifting applications such as door and board lifting and crate opening.
aligning holes, aligning, aligning construction, Aligning and locating applications such as those required in automotive engineering, construction and carpentry.

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