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What are the parts of plumbing irons?

What are the parts of plumbing irons?

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TB Clamping head, handle/body, handle return spring, power cable, heating element shaft

Plumbing iron clamping heads

Clamping heads ***taken from a google image The clamping heads fit around the copper piping and heat the copper up to temperature. They are heated up by the heating element shafts.
There are different head sizes available for purchase *** google images

Are there different sized heads available?

Plumbing irons have interchangeable heads. These come in different sizes both metric and imperial, ranging from the smallest size of 8mm ( ½”)  up to largest at  22mm (¾”).

The size given to the head is actually the outside diameter of the pipe and not the head itself. Irons will be supplied with heads that are 15mm (the most standard diameter of pipe fitted in houses) in size.

Plumbing iron heating element shafts

Heating element shafts **** taken from google images The shafts on which the clamping heads sit are called the heating elements. These heat up the heads, which are then used to heat the pipe.

Plumbing iron shims

Shims The shim fits inside the clamping head. The heating elements slide into the shim until they sit snugly inside. The clamping head is then secured to the heating element with a spring.
Wonkee Donkee says: 'A shim is a piece of material made to a specific size, used to fill gaps or space out two items. Shims can also be used for alignment and securing items in place.'

Plumbing iron body and handle

Body/handle The main body and handle of the plumbing irons are made from polycarbonate plastic and move with a scissor action to open and close the clamping heads.
TB Handle return spring

Handle return spring

The handle return spring is under tension when the handles are squeezed together to allow the heads to clamp the pipe work.

When the handles are released, the heads are kept separate by the spring, which forces the handles apart. This allows for an instant release off the pipes and returns the clamping heads to an open start position.

TB Power cable

Power cable

The power cable is attached to one of the handles of the plumbing irons.

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