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Plumbing Iron Care and Maintenance

Plumbing Iron Maintenance and Care

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Plumbing iron cleaning

Remove the heads for storage and cleaning Plumbing iron heads should be removed for storage and cleaned after use.
Ensure the heads are cool before removing When you are removing the heads of plumbing irons, always ensure that they are fully cooled first. This will prevent possible burning of skin and surfaces.
During use, plumbing iron heads may become coated in flux, or other deposits from the copper pipe. Over time, this may affect the transfer of heat to pipes if the irons are not cleaned.
Use nylon scouring pads to clean the heads Plumbing iron heads should be cleaned with a nylon scouring pad. This particular type of pad is used as it will not remove the protective nickel coating from the heads.

Pumbing iron storage

Store the plumbing irons in a dry place When not in use, plumbing irons should be stored in a dry, safe place, away from moisture and extreme temperatures.
When storing plumbing irons, avoid tightly wrapping the cable around the body of the irons. This can cause the small wires inside the cable to break and tear, and could lead to the irons wiring becoming faulty.

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