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What are Solder Fittings?

What are solder fittings?

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Two styles of fitting, solder ring fittings and end feed fittings ***google images When two pieces or more of copper pipe need to be joined together, they are coupled using solder fittings. These fittings vary in both size and style.

There are two types of solder fittings available:

End feed fittings

End feed fitting End feed fittings are the traditional style of copper pipe fitting, an open-ended piece of copper tube, designed to fit over a specified pipe size.
Soldering an end feed fitting uses solder wire to seal the fitting and pipe together ***google image This type of fitting uses capillary action (see section: How does solder work?) to seal the pipework together. When this type of fitting is soldered, the solder wire is fed around the edge of the fitting.

Solder ring pipe fittings

Solder ring fitting Also known as Yorkshire fittings, a solder ring fitting has a ring of solder pre-set into it, during manufacture.
Solder set into the ring groove in the fitting The solder is set into an internal ring groove, and melts around the pipe when heat is applied.
A solder ring pipe fitting is a capillary connector Like an end feed fitting, the solder ring fitting uses capillary action to create a seal around the joint.
No experience is required to use solder ring fittings ****google image Solder ring fittings can be used by individuals who have little to no experience at soldering, to create a neatly sealed joint in pipe work.
Finished neat soldered fitting The solder ring fitting gives a neat finish, without any waste solder being left behind or excess amounts being used.
Both end feed fittings and solder ring pipe fittings can be used with plumbing irons, although end feed fittings will require a bit of practice to ensure a leak free seal.

What type of pipe fittings are available?

Pipe coupling

Pipe coupling

A pipe coupling is a short, straight section of pipe, used for joining ends of pipe together.

90 degree elbow joint

90° elbow fitting

This pipe fitting has a 90° bend. It can be used to change the direction of the pipe work, or to couple together two sections of pipe already at an angle.

45 degree elbow fitting

45° elbow fitting

Like the 90° fitting, the 45° fitting can be used to change the direction of the pipe work, or to couple two sections of pipe already at an angle.

Pipe tee fitting

Pipe tee fitting

The tee fitting joins three sections of pipe together. This fitting will either split the flow of liquid, or introduce a second flow and combine them together.

Cross fitting

Cross fitting

A cross fitting allows for the flow to be split in four directions, either one inlet (water flows in to the pipe) flow and three outlet (water flows out of the pipe), or one outlet and three inlet flows.

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