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What are plumbing irons?

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Electric plumbing iron is a hand-held tool for heating up copper pipe ready for soldering Plumbing irons are an electric hand-held tool, designed to be used in place of a blow torch for heating up copper piping.
This copper piping is surrounded by highly flammable  and dusty chip board, a naked flame here could start a fire.  Using plumbing irons can greatly reduce this risk. Plumbing irons heat pipe work using an electric source, so there is no need for a naked flame e.g. copper pipes which lay in between floorboards.
Scorched wood from soldering with a blow torch Plumbing irons are an excellent choice for soldering in tight and confined spaces. They use converted mains power to heat up the pipe and therefore have no open flame like a blow torch, which could possibly set surrounding materials on fire.