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How does solder work?

How does solder work?

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Capillary action Soldering works by capillary action.

What is capillary action?

Capillary ability of liquid to move in a very small space ****google image Capillary action is the ability of a liquid to flow in a very small narrow space and against gravity (as it flows upwards).
The movement of a liquid in a narrow space, along the surface of a solid, is caused by molecular attraction.
   Molecules make up atoms, and atoms make up all forms.

What is molecular attraction?

Molecular attraction is the ability of a liquid’s molecules (e.g. the solder) to attract the molecules of a solid (e.g. copper pipe).
During soldering, the solder flows in-between the copper surfaces and ensures a secure joint. This is without the assistance of, and is in opposition to, the external force of gravity.

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