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Which grip port should you use on a Timber Lok?

Which grip port should you use on a Timber Lok?

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timber lok, lumber lok, plate vice,
tri vice, tri vise, plate vice, plate vise, The Timber Lok is only designed for use with timber. As with the tri vice, we have labeled each grip port on the Timber Lok for quick reference, from 1-6. Simply match your timber workpiece’s dimensions to the numbered grip port.

Are there minimum workpiece sizes that you can hold using a Timber Lok?

sizes, plate vice, limitations, As a general rule, each grip port can be used with a workpiece slightly smaller than it. Aim for a sensible maximum of about 10mm clearance (gap) between the top edges of workpiece and grip port, and an absolute maximum clearance of 20mm.
 A ‘sensible’ maximum is the safe option -  you can’t go wrong with this one. An ‘absolute’ maximum is the furthest you can push the limit without doing any serious damage - use only if you have to.
angles, acute angle, obtuse angle, plate vice, timber lok, tri vice, The larger the clearance between workpiece and grip port, the more acute the plate-to-ground angle will have to be for the grip port to hold the workpiece. The length of the workpiece also affects this angle – the shorter the workpiece, the more acute an angle the plate vice will have to be positioned at to support it.
plate vice, timber lok, tri vice, angles, acute angle, A very acute plate-to-ground angle puts more strain on the plate vice frame, and leaves the user less clearance between workpiece and ground.

Which grip ports in a Timber Lok should be used to hold the main UK timber sizes?

timber lok, timber lock, lumber lok, plate vice, For a guide to which grip ports can be used for the main UK timber sizes, see the table below. For clarity, only timber sizes with a suitable grip port have been included. If your workpiece’s dimensions do not appear in this table, it may well still be suitable for use with the Timber Lok – simply try it in each grip port to find out.
 timber, timber types, timber sizes,
 timber, timber types, timber sizes,

Grip ports on a Timber Lok

UK Timber

Sizes (mm)

 1  2  3  4  5  6
 90 x 35
 90 x 45
 70 x 35
 140 x 45  
 100 x 100
 190 x 45
 140 x 25
 150 x 25
 200 x 50
200 x 70

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