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Plate Vice Maintenance and Care

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plate vice, tri vice, A plate vice should not require any special care, and can be cleaned and stored easily.
broken plate vice, plate vice, broken vice, Eventually, a plate vice that has been well-used may break, snap or become deformed. This is the result of natural wear and tear through use. A broken plate vice can’t be repaired, so you will need to purchase a new one if yours should break.
 Luckily, plate vices aren’t  too expensive!
rubbing alcohol, soft cloth, cleaning plate vice, To increase the lifespan of your plate vice, wipe it down after each use with rubbing alcohol and a soft, clean cloth. As rubbing alcohol evaporates much quicker than water, it is an effective alternative for cleaning metal tools, which won’t leave any residual moisture behind.
elephant in plate vice, elephant, baby elephant, plate vice, Always keep within the suggested measurements during use. Attempting to use a plate vice to hold a larger workpiece than is recommended could result in cracking or bending of the vice, and a dropped workpiece should the vice fail.
cracks round hole, plate vice, vice, Never try to force items of the wrong size or shape through your plate vice’s grip ports, or attempt to reshape or resize existing grip ports in order to house items with larger dimensions than intended – this could induce stress or weaken the overall structure.
throwing, throwing vice, throwing plate vice, flying triangle, Always treat your plate vice with care – don’t drop, throw, bend or step on it!