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What is a plate vice used for?

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holding pipe, plate vice, cutting pipe, how to use a plate vice, Plate vices are used to hold items up off the ground during cutting, finishing or otherwise working, or – in the case of the wire pull plate – to hold large spools of wire for unwinding.
easily transportable plate vice, plate vice, vice, vise, plate vise, tri vise, tri vice, Because they are easily transportable, plate vices are ideal for use on construction sites or other locations where a bench vice may not be accessible or practical.
dented pipe, pipe, dent, tubular pipe, piping, The use of a plate vice prevents wear, damage or soilage of workpieces by negating the need for them to be rested on the ground.
tri vice, tri vise, pipe, cutting pipe, measuring pipe, It also makes it easier to cut, measure, drill or perform other tasks on round objects such as pipe, which might otherwise roll around and make the task quite difficult.
saw teeth, saw blade, damaged saw teeth, dented saw teeth, Additionally, holding objects up off the ground using a plate vice during cutting prevents any damage that could be caused to cutting blades by hitting or scraping the ground.
tri vice, tri vise, pipe, cutting pipe, measuring pipe, Using a wire pull plate prevents spools of wire from sliding over the ground when the wire is pulled, and makes it easier to unspool the wire neatly by providing tension at the spool end.