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What are plate vices coated with?

What are plate vices coated with?

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Corrosion-resistant powder coating

powder coating tool, powder coating, powder coat, Powder coating is a process in which a metal tool or other object is coated with a plastic-based powder, and heated until the powder coating becomes fluid, bonding it to the metal.
planet earth, environment, ecosystem, atmosphere, ozone layer, This method of coating is an alternative to traditional liquid coating, and is better for the environment, easier to style and can be applied thicker, increasing wear resistance.
rust, rust prevention, rusty, R, alphabet, The powder coating applied to plate vices is designed for durability, but is not entirely rust-proof – proper care and storage is still necessary to prevent rusting.
outside, outdoors, working outside, working outdoors, However, by providing a surface barrier, it does grant a degree of protection, which can be valuable if you will be using your plate vice outdoors.
powder coating tool, powder coating, powder coat, The powder coating used on plate vices is usually high-vis yellow – this aids visibility in dark spaces, preventing the risk of the vice becoming lost between jobs.
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