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What plate vice sizes are available?

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types of plate vice, plate vice, plate vice types, types of plate vise, Two types of plate vice are available in the UK, each a different size and weight.

Tri Vice

plate vice, tri vice, tri vise, plate vise, The Tri Vice measures 394mm on each side …
weight, vice weight, plate vice, plate vise, standard plate vice, … and weighs 1.8kg (4lb).
plate vice, butter, toaster, 2-slice toaster, For comparison, 1.8kg is slightly less than a 2-slice toaster and two 250g packets of butter.

Timber Lok

plate vice, lumber plate vice, timber plate vice, The Timber Lok measures 356 x 279mm (14 x 11in) …
plate vice, timber plate vice, timber lok, … and weighs 1.9kg (4.2lb).
laptop, medium laptop, fujitsu, For comparison, 1.9kg is about the same as a medium-sized laptop computer.