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What is a plate vice?

What is a plate vice?

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standard plate vice, plate vice, plate vise, tri vice, tri vise, A plate vice takes the form of a flat plate, featuring holes of different dimensions known as ‘grip ports’, and is used to hold items for cutting or otherwise working. One plate vice can be used alone, or two together.

Tri Vices and Timber Loks are the only two types of plate vice known to be available in the UK.

That's plate vice, not dinner plate
traditional vice, vice, metalworking vice, vise, table vise, metalworking vise, The term ‘vice’ traditionally refers to a tool with two parallel jaws, which is secured to or built into a workbench. On a traditional vice, a lever is turned to close the jaws, gripping a workpiece between them.
holding timber, vice, plate vice, using a vice, how to use a vice, how to use a plate vice, Plate vices are not used in this way, and have no moving parts. Instead, workpieces are inserted through the appropriate grip port in the plate. The ports on a plate vice are designed to fit various suitable materials in a number of sizes.
plate vice, using plate vice, using vice, how to use a plate vice, The plate vice can then be used to hold the object steady while it is worked. (See: How does a plate vice work?)
american flag, america, flag, us flag, usa, u.s.a, united states of america, You may see vice spelled ‘vise’ by US sources. Despite the spelling difference, the meaning is the same.

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