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What are the different types of micrometer?

What are the different types of micrometer?


The micrometer is an instrument used to provide highly precise measurements. There are both metric and imperial micrometers available on the market. The metric micrometers provide measurements in increments of 0.01mm, whilst imperial micrometers measure in increments of 0.001 inches. 


There a number of different types of micrometer.


The most common types are outside micrometers. Inside micrometers and depth micrometers are also widely available.


Outside Micrometer

The outside micrometer is the most commonly used type of micrometer.


It is used to measure external dimensions such as the outside diameter of an object.

Inside Micrometer

Inside micrometers are used to measure inside dimensions like the inside diameter of a hole or tube. 


There are two types of inside micrometer: caliper-type inside micrometers and tubular and rod inside micrometers.

Caliper-Type Micrometer

Caliper and micrometer combination.

Caliper-type inside micrometers have measuring jaws similar to those found on a dial caliper or vernier caliper.


The jaws are inserted into the space to be measured and are adjusted by turning the thimble or ratchet speeder.

Tubular Micrometers and Rod Micrometers

Both tubular micrometers and rod micrometers are placed within the space to be measured and extended until the measuring faces contact the edges of the space to be measured.


Rod micrometers come with a selection of measuring rods which, when attached to the tool, extend the measuring capabilities of the micrometer.


Some rod micrometers have a handle which connects to the instrument and helps the user to measure inaccessible or difficult-to-reach spaces.

Depth Micrometer

Depth micrometers are used to measure the depths of holes, slots and steps. 


They come with a variety of interchangeable rods of different lengths so that they can be used to measure a range of depths. 

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