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Micrometer Care and Maintenance

Micrometer Maintenance and Care

To ensure you get the best lifespan out of your micrometer it is important to maintain and take care of it. If you don’t your micrometer may provide incorrect measurements or need replacing.

Cleaning Micrometers

Firstly, micrometers like all tools in your arsenal should be kept clean. You should regularly wipe the circumference of the spindle and both measuring faces of your micrometer with a dry, lint-free cloth.

Re-Calibrating Micrometers

Be careful not to drop your micrometer. If you have accidentally damaged your micrometer, ensure that it is inspected for accuracy before taking measurements. 


You may need to recalibrate your micrometer. Every so often, or after the micrometer has been in storage for an extended period, apply a small amount of multi-purpose oil to its exterior using a lint free cloth to prevent corrosion and rust.


It would also be prudent to oil the internal thread of the micrometer if the micrometer is used very occasionally or unlikely to be used for many months.

Storing a Micrometer

Make sure that you store your micrometer in a ventilated place with low humidity, and ideally at room temperature.


Most micrometers come with a protective storage case to keep them safe when not in use. 


When not using the micrometer, ensure that there is a gap between the measuring faces.


If the spindle and anvil are in contact with each other, the accuracy of the micrometer could be affected.

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