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What is a hand held magnetic sweeper?

What is a hand-held magnetic sweeper?

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A hand-held magnetic sweeper has a single long handle across the magnet that allows a user to carry it. It also has a singular block magnet which collects the dropped ferrous material

What are the different parts of a hand-held magnetic sweeper?

Parts of a handheld magnetic sweeper, handle and magnet
Handle of a handheld magnetic sweeper


The handle of a hand-held magnetic sweeper is made of steel and is long enough to ensure the user has a good grip to lift the magnet.


There is one large magnet on the bottom of a hand-held magnetic sweeper. The magnet does not run along the entire width of the magnetic sweeper, it is generally placed in a central position in the casing. Therefore, the magnetic width and the width of the magnetic sweeper is usually different.

Handheld magnetic sweeper casing


The hand-held magnetic sweeper has an aluminium or stainless steel casing. These metals are both corrosion resistant which is beneficial to a magnetic sweeper due to its extended use outside.

The casing has two roles, the first being to hold the magnet in position, and the second to make only the bottom section of the magnetic sweeper magnetic. The casing does this by using non-magnetic materials which stop the magnetic field of the magnet permeating the sides and top of the sweeper. This enables the magnetic sweeper to be used more accurately, as the magnetic force is focused downwards to pick up material from the floor.

What hand-held magnetic sweeper sizes are available?

Width of a hand-held magnetic sweeper 325mm Hand-held magnetic sweepers usually only come in one size. The width is usually 325mm (12.8″). This is the distance between the two widest points on the longest side of the magnetic sweeper.
The size of the magnet within a hand-held magnetic sweeper is usually 300mm (12″).
30mm Height and 30mm depth of a hand-held magnetic sweeper The depth measures how wide the shortest edges of the magnetic sweeper are. The height of a standard push magnetic sweeper, on the other hand, measures how tall the casing of the magnet.The depth and height of a hand-held magnetic sweeper are both usually 30mm (1.2″).
The magnetic pull is 72kg (158lb)

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