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What are the sizes of forklift magnetic sweepers?

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eye bolt and fork pocket forklift magnetic sweepers

Both types of forklift magnetic sweepers are available in the same sizes. This is because the only thing that is different between them is the attachment method to the forklift truck.

height of a forklift magnetic sweepers 45mm high eyebolt type and 102mm fork pocket type The height of the forklift magnetic sweeper measures the height of the magnet casing, not the entire height of the magnetic sweeper. The height ranges from 45mm (1.75″) to 102mm (4″).
Depth of a fork pocket and eyebolt forklift magnetic sweeper 76mm and 127mm The depth measures how thick the magnetic sweeper is and can range from 76mm (3″) to 127mm (5″).
Overall width of a fork pocket and eyebolt forklift magnetic sweeper 1500mm and 2100mm The overall width measures the longest length of the magnetic sweeper and can range from 1500mm (59″) to 2100mm (83″).
Magnets for a push magnetic sweeper The width of the magnet within the size of the forklift magnetic sweeper ranges from 457mm (18″) to 2438mm (96″).
The magnetic pull ranges from 72kg (158lb) to 387kg (853lb)
Wonkee Donkee says "The magnetic pull is the maximum weight of ferromagnetic material the magnetic sweeper can hold"