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What are the different types of magnetic sweeper?

What are the different types of
magnetic sweeper?

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Types of magnetic sweeper: handheld, forklift, towable, and push There are four different types of magnetic sweeper: hand-held, push, forklift, and trailer. These can all come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, but their basic characteristics stay the same.

Hand-held magnetic sweepers

Handheld magnetic sweeper A hand-held magnetic sweeper has a large magnet in a steel case with a handle for lifting and carrying over dropped ferromagnetic materials.

Push magnetic sweepers

push magnetic sweeper picking up spilled bolts from a floor A push magnetic sweeper is a type of magnetic sweeper with a long handle and a set of wheels which can be easily rolled around a work place.

Forklift magnetic sweepers

Yellow forklift magnetic sweeper on a forklift truck A forklift magnetic sweeper has attachments which enable it to be held by the fork tines of a fork lift truck.

Trailer magnetic sweepers

blue trailer magnetic sweeper being pulled behind a forklift truck A trailer magnetic sweeper has a set of wheels and a coupling head, enabling it to be towed by a vehicle.

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