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How to use a push magnetic sweeper?

How to use a push magnetic sweeper?

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Adjusting handle length of a push magnetic sweeper, arrows showing it turning clockwise

Step 1 – Turn handle anti-clockwise

Twist the handle to ensure it’s set to the right height by turning it clockwise and pulling it out to the required height, then turning it anti-clockwise until it’s secure.

Rolling a green heavy duty push magnetic sweeper along the ground over ferromagnetic materials

Step 2 – Roll push magnetic sweeper

Roll the push magnetic sweeper along the ground to pick up the debris.

standard push magnetic sweeper sideways on a piece of cardboard with ferromagnetic material stuck to the magnet

Step 3 – Remove ferromagnetic material

Place a piece of cardboard or a sheet onto the ground and roll the sweeper onto it when all of the dropped material has been collected.

Wire brush Use the release system to drop the debris onto the cardboard. If there are any pieces left on the magnet after using the release system, simply brush off the remaining materials with a wire brush (this is the same way of removing material if your push magnetic sweeper does not have a release system).
Wonkee Donkee says "A ferromagnetic material is a term for anything attracted by a magnetic force. To be ferromagnetic it must contain a element of iron, nickel, cobalt, or gadolinium"
Labelled collar release system and arrow indicating to pull upwards There are two types of release system: collar and handle. To use the collar release system, pull the collar towards the end of the magnetic sweepers handle to drop the collected material. To use the magnet again, simply let go of the collar.
Pulling the release handle backwards on a standard push magnetic sweeper To use the handle release system simply pull the release system handle towards the magnetic sweeper’s handle to temporarily turn off the magnet. To turn the magnet back on, release the handle.

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