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How to use a trailer magnetic sweeper?

How to use a trailer magnetic sweeper?

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Aligning the tow ball of a car and the coupling head on the trailer magnetic sweeper

Step 1 – Attach trailer

Align the coupling head with the tow ball on your vehicle by lifting the magnetic sweeper until the coupling is directly over the tow ball. Next, lift up the handle on the coupling head and push it down onto the tow ball until the handle clicks back down in a secure position.

Using a trailer magnetic sweeper over gravel, being pulled by a sit down lawn mower

Step 2 – Collect material

Drive the vehicle slowly around the required area to collect the ferromagnetic material.

Wonkee Donkee says "A ferromagnetic material is a term for anything attracted by a magnetic force. To be ferromagnetic it must contain a element of iron, nickel, cobalt, or gadolinium"
Fast vs slow The trailer magnetic sweeper can be driven at 50mph when it is not in use, but it will need to be used at 5-10mph to efficiently pick up ferromagnetic material. If it is driven faster than this, the wheels could become damaged.
Heavy duty trailer magnetic sweeper release handle

Step 3 – Remove material

To remove the material from the magnetic sweeper, either wipe it off with a cloth/glove, or use the release system if there is one available. To use the release system, pull the lever upwards to release the material.

Removing the coupling head of the trailer magnetic sweeper from the tow ball on a car

Step 4 – Remove trailer

When the sweeping is complete, remove the trailer by lifting up the handle on the coupling head and lift off the tow ball. You will then need to move the magnetic sweeper away from the vehicle.

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