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What are the parts of a trailer magnetic sweeper?

What are the parts of a trailer
magnetic sweeper?

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Parts of a trailer magnetic sweeper: coupling head, connecting bar, magnet, wheels

Trailer magnetic sweeper magnet

Magnets for a push magnetic sweeper

There are one or two large magnets on the bottom of a trailer magnetic sweeper, depending on its overall size. The magnet is not along the entire width of the trailer magnetic sweeper as it is generally placed in a central position within its casing. Therefore, the magnetic width and the width of the magnetic sweeper is always different.

Trailer magnetic sweeper casing

Casing of a trailer magnetic sweeper The casing on a trailer magnetic sweeper is either made from aluminium or stainless steel. These metals are both corrosion resistant which is beneficial to a magnetic sweeper due to its extended use outside.

The casing has two roles, the first being to hold the magnet in position, and the second to make only the bottom section of the magnetic sweeper magnetic. The casing does this by using non-magnetic materials which stop the magnetic field of the magnet permeating the sides and top of the sweeper. This enables the magnetic sweeper to be used more accurately as the magnetic force is focused downwards to pick up material from the floor.

Trailer magnetic sweeper connecting bar

Connecting bar of a trailer magnetic sweeper The connecting bar connects the magnet to the coupling head.

Trailer magnetic sweeper coupling head

Coupling head for a trailer magnetic sweeper A coupling head is used on a trailer magnetic sweeper to allow it to be attached to a vehicle. To use, align the coupling head with the tow ball on your vehicle by lifting the sweeper until the coupling is directly over the tow ball. Next, lift up the handle on the coupling head and push it down onto the tow ball until the handle clicks back down in a secure position.

Trailer magnetic sweeper wheels

black rubber wheel for a trailer magnetic sweeper There are two solid elastic rubber wheels on each trailer magnetic sweeper. The solid rubber wheels make the tyres puncture proof, which is a definite benefit for a device that collects sharp objects.
Jockey wheel on a heavy duty trailer magnetic sweeper On a heavy-duty trailer magnetic sweeper, there is also a jockey wheel attached to the connecting bar to help it move more effectively.

Trailer magnetic sweeper release system

Heavy duty trailer magnetic sweeper release handle The release handle is used to help remove the attached material from the magnet once it has been collected.

The release system works by causing the direction of the magnetic circuit to change. By using the release system the magnet is physically moved away from the collection surface which creates an air gap. The air gap changes the course of the magnetic circuit which effects the magnets pulling power, therefore the magnet will no longer pick up the material, effectively turning it off.

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