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What is a threaded stud magnetic mounting pad?

What is a threaded stud magnetic mounting pad?

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A threaded stud magnetic mounting pad is a magnetic mounting pad which has a threaded stud protruding from the centre of its back plate.

A threaded stud is a bolt with continuous grooves, known as threads, in a spiral pattern around the outside of the stud.

The threaded stud allows the magnetic mounting pad to be attached with the help of a nylon insert lock nut. The nylon insert lock nut attaches the magnetic mounting pad securely to any non-ferromagnetic object. 

This is particularly beneficial for attaching a mounting pad to a large object, such as a driving instructor’s sign.The threaded stud magnetic mounting pad’s increased size in comparison to the through hole magnetic mounting pad also aids the attachment to large objects.

The increased size gives the threaded stud magnetic mounting pad a larger surface area to attach itself to the ferromagnetic material.

This increases the amount of shear force the magnetic mounting pad has, which improves the magnet’s ability to resist any external forces that may cause it to slip from the ferromagnetic material.

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