What is a magnetic mounting pad?

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 Group of magnetic mounting pads in a variety of different sizes, threaded stud and through hole types 

A magnetic mounting pad is a magnet that holds objects made of non-ferromagnetic materials, such as plastic car roof signs, to a ferromagnetic material like a car roof. 

 Through hole magnetic mounting pad 

Magnetic mounting pads are particularly useful for these tasks due to the amount of shear strength they have.


Shear strength refers to the magnet's ability to resist any forces trying to make the magnet slip from the ferromagnetic surface. 

 Rubber coating on a threaded stud magnetic mounting pad 

Magnetic mounting pads have a high shear strength due to their rubber coating, for more information on this, see How does a magnetic mounting pad work?

 Yellow taxi with a sign with advertisements, with labelled magnetic mounting pads holding it on 

Magnetic mounting pads are predominantly used for advertising, as the adverts can be easily changed.


This is because they can securely hold the sign for an extended period of time, but because of the magnetic capabilities, it can be easily removed by the user when they need to.

 Wonkee Donkee says "This is also known as a taxi magnet due to its role of holding taxi signs on the roof of a taxi" 
 Types of magnetic mounting pad: Threaded stud and through hole magnetic mounting pads 

They come in two forms; through hole and threaded stud.


For more information see, What are the different types of magnetic mounting pad?

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