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What are the different types of magnetic mounting pad?

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There are two varieties of magnetic mounting pad available: threaded stud and through hole.They can come in a wide range of sizes, however their basic characteristic stays the same: they can both be attached to a non-ferromagnetic material.

Threaded stud magnetic mounting pads

A threaded stud magnetic mounting pad is the largest type of magnetic mounting pad available. It has a threaded stud welded to the centre of the magnet’s top protective layer, known as the back plate, which cannot be removed.

A threaded stud is a bolt with continuous grooves, known as threads, in a spiral pattern around the outside of the stud. 

This allows the magnetic mounting pad to be attached to a non-ferromagnetic material with the aid of a nylon insert lock nut. For more information on this, see What are the parts of a threaded stud magnetic mounting pad?

Through hole magnetic mounting pads

A through hole magnetic mounting pad has two holes which have been drilled all the way through the tool’s back plate. These are used to attach the magnetic mounting pad to a non-ferromagnetic material, with the aid of two screws.

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