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What is a magnetic mounting pad used for?

What is a magnetic mounting pad used for?

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Magnetic mounting pads are used for outdoor applications such as advertising. For more information on the three main uses see below:

Car roof signs – Magnetic mounting pads are predominantly used for attaching signs to the roofs of vehicles.They are particularly helpful when a sign needs to be attached and removed easily, without damaging the vehicle, for example, for advertising purposes.

Some car bodies are made from fibreglass or carbon fibre which are non-ferromagnetic materials, so the magnet will not be attracted to them. Therefore you will need to check that your car is made from a ferromagnetic material, such as steel, to ensure that the magnetic mounting pad will work.

Magnetic mounting pads can be used for this purpose by people from a range of professions including taxi drivers, driving instructors and pizza delivery men.

Lighting fixtures – Magnetic mounting pads can be used on steel walls and girders to hold up temporary lighting, for example whilst building work is taking place. 

Security gates – Magnetic mounting pads can be fixed to metal gates, as part of a security system. The security system works by completing an electrical circuit with the help of the magnetic mounting pad. If the magnets are separated, the circuit is broken and an alarm will sound.

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