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What magnetic base accessories are available?

What magnetic base accessories are available?

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Selection of some of the accessories that are available for use with magnetic bases. There are many accessories available for magnetic bases. Some may be included with a base unit, while others may have to be purchased separately in order to tailor your set-up to the job required.
Magnetic base with the most commonly included accessories The accessories which are most commonly included with a magnetic base are the supporting post, rod/arm, swivel snug or 3 point clamp, and snug. This is due to these accessories being the most frequently required for use with a magnetic base, however, they are not essential for all applications.


Snug attaches to the supporting post and the rod passes through it A snug attachment fixes to the supporting post and the rod passes through it. The knurled knob is then used to tighten the snug in place.
Knurling is a pattern cut into a smooth metal surface, this gives diamond shaped cuts in the surface and gives the user grip.

Dial test indicator snug

Dial test indicator snug is designed specifically to hold dial test indicators This snug fits onto the rod and is designed for use with the dial test indicator.

Universal snug

Universal snug, allows for stems and rods of different diameters to be used. This type of snug allows for items of different diameters to be used with the magnetic base, such as different size holding rods/arms and dial indicators, as it has a variety of sizes for fitting.

Swivel post snug

Swivel post snug allows for 360 degree movement. Allows the user to set the rod when attached to the post in any vertical direction and allowing for 360 degree movement and setting.

Split bushing

Split bushing fits around the stem of the dial indicator. The bush is fitted around the stem of any item being held by the snug if it’s too small in diameter for a tight fit. The split in the bush allows it to be squeezed tighter together to fit different size diameters.

Holding rod

Holding rod is an extension off the supporting post. This attachment is an extension of the supporting post used for attaching devices and positioning them as required.

3 point clamp

3 point clamps are used to attach holding rods/arms to the support post of a magnetic base The 3 point clamp serves the same purpose as the swivel post snug, in that it is used to attach a holding rod/arm to the support post.

Articulating arm

Articulating arm attachment for magnetic bases Articulating arms can be used as a replacement for the support post, holding rod and swivel post snug or 3 point clamp. They have articulating joints at either end with a threaded hole that can be used to attach other accessories that are fitted with a corresponding screw attachment.

Fine adjustment attachments

The term FAT and FAB are used to refer to fine adjustment at top and fine adjustment at bottom when referring to magnetic base accessories, not what you usually thick of when you hear FAT or FAB. Fine adjustment attachments come in two forms; fine adjustment at bottom (FAB) and fine adjustment at top (FAT). Fine adjustment attachments improve accuracy and are required for precision work such as when taking measurements with a dial indicator.

FAB attachment

Fine adjustment attachment makes small adjustments to the setup FAB attachments are used on the magnetic base to make fine adjustments to the set-up of the supporting post when using a dial indicator. They are attached to the magnetic base via a screw, the supporting post is then screwed to the FAB attachment. The FAB attachment is essentially a looped spring made of steel that can be separated or compressed via a hand screw at its end in order to provide small vertical adjustments to the supporting post.

FAT adjustment

FAT adjustment can either be built into the rod/arm, or with some rod/arm designs that have a threaded hole at the end for attachments, they can be a separate attachment.
Fine adjustment section built into the rod, for making fine

Built-in fine adjustment

This attachment is built into the rod, and is most commonly seen sold with a magnetic base unit. It allows the user to make small alterations to the set-up to ensure accuracy. The screw makes the fine adjustment and the looped piece of steel connects the two sections of rod.

FAT fine adjustment swivel clamp

Fine adjustment swivel clamp

This type of FAT attachment is designed to screw into the end of a holding rod/arm. The clamp has a small coiled spring inside that is compressed or stretched as the adjusting screw is turned in order to provide the fine adjustment.


Clamp that attaches to the holding rod/arm on a magnetic base by a threaded screw Clamps usually attach to the holding rod/arm by a threaded screw that screws into the end of the holding rod/arm.
Clamp being used with a magnetic base to hold a splash back guard in place Clamps can be used to hold many item such as a torch or splash back guard for coolant in machining operations.

Camera mount

Camera mount for use with magnetic bases Camera mounts attach to the holding rod/arm and have a screw that is used to fix a camera or video camera to them.

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